Top 8 Guidelines for New Gardeners 

Simply Savvy Mama

Starting a garden for the first time? Let us help you with all the best tips and tricks for gardening for beginners so you can get the most out of your harvest!

You will have access to what you want, whenever you want, and since you are actively involved in the whole process, you can control how healthy (or organic) these fruits and vegetables will be.

You do not need a large space to grow fruits and vegetables. Follow this simple guide to know how you can start growing fruits and vegetables today.

Choose the right spot

If you have a garden, you already have a head-start. Clear a section of this garden and dedicate this portion to the growth of fruits and vegetables. 


Prepare the soil

The soil should be prepared to offer the plants maximum chance of success. Of course, this depends on your zone, what you want to plant, and the season.


Plant your fruits and vegetable

Ensure that these plants have the correct spacing. When spaced correctly, they tend to grow healthy and strong.


Grow in open, sunny spot

Although some fruits and vegetables are perennials that can thrive in different seasons of the year, most tend to do better when grown in open, sunny spots.


Support climbing plant

If you grow climbing plants, support their structure using trellis or fences. This will allow these plants to grow strong.


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