How to Obtain Free Seeds 

Simply Savvy Mama

Need free seeds for your garden? There are many ways to get them- seed libraries, seed exchanges, seed swaps and other ways covered here.

Starting a garden from scratch can be expensive – especially if you want to grow different crops. The price of seeds goes up at the beginning of every growing season.

If you want to save some money gardening, consider looking for free seeds. To help you with that we will explore some of the best ways to acquire free seeds for your garden.

Try seed libraries 

Seed libraries store seeds and supply them to different farmers at the beginning of the planting season. 


Collect your own seeds 

After harvesting, save some seeds from your flowers and vegetables for use in the next planting season.


Free offers from charitable organization

You are likely to find local companies and other charitable organizations promoting certain types of crops and vegetables in local agricultural events.


Swap seeds with other farmer

If you have seeds you do not need, you can always barter them with someone else who has the seeds for another crop you want to grow.


Grow plants from purchased produce

When you buy fresh vegetables and fruits, you can also find ways to propagate fresh plants from these products.


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